Why do Vehicles have Computers?

These days it takes a lot more than just wrenches and screwdrivers to fix vehicle problems. Modern cars and trucks are full of computers designed to complete various tasks and monitor conditions in order to keep your vehicle running well and in optimal condition. Even the most basic cars that roll off of the assembly lines today are stocked with as many as 50 microprocessors or more. While all of this computing power has made it a bit more difficult for DIY mechanics to service their own vehicles, it has improved the safety and driveability of cars and trucks. These are four of the main ways computers are used in vehicles today.


Many cars leaving the factory come with infotainment systems that have more computing power than the spaceships that brought man to the moon. These systems feature everything from GPS, games and bluetooth compatibility to make time in the vehicle more convenient, safe and entertaining for the driver and passengers.

Advanced Diagnostics

Vehicle sensors detect and control everything from fuel and air flow to braking power and they also power comfort features such as heated seating and electric windows and locks. All of these microsensors are designed to send error codes to a main computer hub should something go wrong. This makes it incredibly easy for an auto technician to diagnose the exact reason something has gone haywire.

Emissions Controls

As emissions and fuel efficiency standards become more and more strict the use of computer aided emissions control systems has helped to reduce vehicle emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

Safety Features

Computer assisted braking, airbags, seat belt locks and more are all activated by sensors that can detect a collision or chance of a collision within a microsecond. This allows for the deployment of the airbags in the event of an accident faster than the collision actually happens.

Computers play a pivotal role in the way are cars are maintained and driven. If a sensor detects a problem it will trigger the check engine light and another dashboard indicator light to let you know your car is in need of auto repair. At Henry’s Auto & Tire we use computer aided diagnostic repair at our St. Louis auto repair shop. Our team can quickly diagnose and repair problems based on vehicle fault codes that we can read using specialized equipment. Anytime your check engine light comes on or if you other auto repair in St. Louis make an appointment with Henry’s by calling (314) 429-4756┬átoday!


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