My Car is Loud, What is Making the Noise?

Remember when you drove your car off the lot and it sounded and felt like you were driving on clouds. It seemed so quiet and it glided over bumps and cracks without any indication. Now it seems like the engine rumbles and every pothole is 3 feet deep. Well the increased volume in a car can be attributed to several probable causes, all of which should be repaired to avoid more costly damage. These are 3 common causes of a loud vehicle.

Worn Torque Converter

Automatic transmissions have torque converters that can end up causing grinding noise while the vehicle is in gear if they begin to fail. The biggest problem with torque converters is worn needle bearings. They often go bad due to vehicle operation with low transmission fluid.

Bad Engine Bearings

Clunk, knock, clank. Those aren’t shoes in a washing machine, it is bad engine bearings. The engine bearings are what the internal moving parts of the engine rest on and if they get worn out due to wear and tear or low engine oil they will produce a loud knock, knock, knock sound as the vehicle operates.

Exhaust Leak

An exhaust leak is also a prominent reason for increased car volume. The exhaust system carries very hot fumes out of the engine, away from the passenger cabin and releases them at the rear of the vehicle. If the system has a leak, such as a hole in a pipe or at the manifold it will create a loud rumbling sound often accompanied by a bad vibration. The sound will increase as you accelerate.

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