How to Know if You’re in Need of Suspension Service

When your car is running smoothly and efficiently you can thank the complicated system that is your car’s suspension. However, in order to maintain a smooth ride the suspension takes on a lot of the rough road complications that come from daily driving. Your suspension wears down over time and if given enough time may even break. If you are noticing any shifts in the mannerisms of your car you should contact your local auto repair shop to evaluate your car’s suspension. If you are experiencing a crooked steering wheel or an increasingly bumpy ride you might be in need of suspension service.

The Car Pulls to One Side While in Motion

If your find yourself needing to work extra hard to keep your car pointed straight as it drives it may mean you are ready for suspension service on your car. Poor alignment, uneven tire wear, or old steering components are all possible reasons for why your car is leaning in one direction as you drive. While it might seem easy enough to simply keep your steering wheel turned ever so slightly to the opposite direction, it’s actually vital that you have your suspension checked out as soon as possible. The quality of your tires could deteriorate quickly if there is uneven pressure applied to them. This, in turn, will lead to lower gas mileage and higher gas bills.

The Wheels on Your Car Vibrate or Shake

Everyone knows what it feels like to drive on a bumpy road, the way your entire car starts to shake and vibrate, but what about when just your tires seem to vibrate while driving on a smooth road? If this starts to happen it’s possible you have less-than-ideal wheel alignment or maybe low tire pressure. It might also be an indication that your steering components are aging and need prompt attention. If you start to feel your wheels shake a you drive get in touch with an autocare center who can evaluate your tire rods.

Your Steering Wheel Feels Heavier

You might discover that it is taking an extra degree of muscle to turn your steering wheel or keep it centered. If you realize your steering wheel takes more effort than usual to turn there’s a chance you have a loose steering belt. This could mean it simply has to be tightened up or it might mean it has to be replaced all together. There’s a chance you also need more steering fluid placed in your car. Additionally, there could be a leak in the steering rack that needs to be taken care of. Instead of trying to diagnose the problem yourself, be sure to contact a professional auto repair shop who can provide you with proper assistance.

If you think you might be in need of suspension service, contact a local auto repair shop to get an accurate assessment of your suspension. If you are hoping to receive suspension service in St. Louis, get in touch with Henry’s Auto & Tire. Our professional team of auto repair technicians are ready to assist you as soon as possible. Whenever you find yourself needing auto repair in St. Louis give us a call at (314) 429-4756 right away!


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