How to Find a Great Auto Repair Shop

If your automobile is giving you signs of trouble you’re likely scouring the web to find a mechanic you can trust with your vehicle. There are few things to look for as you conduct your search that will help make you sure you’ve found a great shop. Your vehicle is a major investment, so be sure you bring it to a mechanic that will offer great care and service. Never use unlicensed services offered online, as you could end up with a car in worse condition than it was when they began their work. Here’s a few things to look for to ensure expert auto repair is conducted.

ASE Certified Mechanics

One of the most important things to be sure of is that ASE certified technicians will be servicing your car. ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence and is an accredited organization that tests auto technicians skills. This certification will ensure the mechanics you’re leaving your car with are properly trained.

AAA Approved Auto Repair

An AAA approval can say a lot about a shop. But what it means most is that it has been thoroughly evaluated by the Automobile Association of America to provide superior car care and repair.


A good auto repair shop will be able to back their service up with a local or nationwide warranty. This shows that they are willing to go the extra mile should the work not have resolved the issue the first time.

Shuttle Service

For your convenience ensure that the shop you select offers a shuttle service for drop off and pick up.

Scheduled Maintenance

Be sure the shop can complete factory scheduled maintenance services, so regardless of what you’re bringing your vehicle in for, it can be thoroughly taken care of and brought up to date with its current maintenance schedule, should you want that.

Complete Auto Repair

One of the most important things you should make sure of is that they can fix the problem you’re having. Find a full service auto repair shop to fix and maintain your vehicle so you can enjoy a safe and reliable ride for years to come.

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