How Important is Tire Pressure?

The tires on your vehicle have an extremely important task. They are designed to help you grip the road for proper acceleration, maneuvering and braking. Tires are engineered to provide your vehicle with the necessary traction to get you where you want to be in a safe manner. Balding or otherwise worn out tires create a safety hazard because of their inability to properly hug the road. Another serious tire issue is improper inflation. Tires need to be inflated to a certain PSI (pounds per square inch) air pressure rating to provide you with the best possible control and fuel efficiency. This number can usually be found for your stock tires on the inside of the driver’s door jamb of your vehicle or in the owner’s manual. If you have any questions about tire inflation or if you think you need new tires, be sure to speak with an industry professional who can set you on the right path.


Underinflated tires can cause multiple problems for vehicles. The first issue is that the tire will lose its round form and larger amount of rubber will come in contact with the road, which can drastically reduce the lifespan of a tire, by as much as 25% in fact! Other problems with that come about due to underinflation include a reduction in fuel efficiency up to 5%, which is happens because of the excessive engine power necessary to spin the soft rubber. You may also experience control issues if your car’s tires do not have the correct amount of air pressure as proper inflation allows for precise handling. Finally low tires will end up causing a bumpy, uncomfortable ride.


An over inflated it can become rigid and its footprint, meaning the amount of rubber touching the roadway, will be reduced. This decreases your ability as a driver to control the vehicle and it puts the tire at risk of becoming easily damaged if it comes into contact with objects or debris such as pot holes or curbs. An overinflated tire is also cause for concern as it could result in an explosive flat tire due to excessive air pressure. A sudden flat tire may lead to an accident because of the initial loss of vehicle control.

Always be sure your tires are properly inflated so you can be positive your car is safe and you’re getting the best possible fuel efficiency.You can use a quality air pressure gauge to measure your tire’s air pressure from time to time, these devices are free at most gas station air pumps, or glove box sized ones are available at relatively inexpensive prices.

If you’re having any sort of tire pressure issues be sure to head to the tire shop right away to have the problem resolved. If you need tire maintenance in St. Louis come talk with the experts at Henry’s Auto & Tire. We’ll gladly take a look at your tires and let you know your options in regard to repairing or replacing. We offer new tires in St. Louis for all imports and domestics and also complete routine auto maintenance and complex auto repair on site! Call us today at (314) 429-4756┬áto schedule an appointment for tire or auto related service!


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