End of Summer Auto Maintenance Tips

As we close out summer be sure to take the time to prepare your vehicle for fall and winter. The excessive driving you may have done over the summer may have taken a toll on your vehicle. If you want your vehicle to continue to perform and be a safe and reliable ride take these necessary steps. Colder air also has a way of making problems that your vehicle is experiencing even worse, or it can cause the car to develop new issues. So before the freezing temps come, catch up on these easy auto maintenance services.

1. Be sure your vehicle is up to date with scheduled maintenance . This will help minimize the risk of a breakdown while driving in colder temperatures.

2. If your car has any current problems be sure to visit an auto repair shop to have them corrected. As temperatures begin to drop it they will make hard starts harder, as well as exacerbate other issues.

3. Have a brake check completed to ensure maximum braking power following the many miles you drove over the summer.

4. New windshield wipers will allow you to see clearly through the fall precipitation, whether it is rain or snow.

5. Check your tires to be sure they have adequate tread. You may want to consider installing all weather tires for maximum traction all year round.

6. Do all your lights work? For maximum safety be sure that your headlights, taillights, brake lights, reverse lights and all other exterior lights are in proper working order so you can be seen clearly by other drivers in the dark, which comes much faster this time of year.

7. Make sure your battery is in good condition and that there is no corrosion on the battery terminals to help avoid starting problems.

8. Replace filters, such as the air and fuel filters, to ensure maximum performance this fall.

9. If you anticipate frozen roads be sure you carry a small bag of cat litter to aid with traction if you get stuck.

10. Fall is a great time to restock the first aid kit you should be carrying in your car. Dark and wet conditions increase chances of an accident, so preparation is key to keep injuries minimized.

Fall is the perfect time to catch up with auto maintenance as it will help prepare your car for the colder months ahead. When it’s time for any auto maintenance in St. Louis be sure to head to Henry’s Auto and Tire for expert service. We work on all makes and models of vehicles and will gladly help you prep your car with maintenance and new tires for the upcoming seasons. Give us a call today at (314) 429-4756┬áto request an appointment for professional auto repair in St. Louis at Henry’s Auto and Tire.


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