How to Know if You’re in Need of Suspension Service

When your car is running smoothly and efficiently you can thank the complicated system that is your car’s suspension. However, in order to maintain a smooth ride the suspension takes on a lot of the rough road complications that come from daily driving. Your suspension wears down over time and if given enough time may […]

End of Summer Auto Maintenance Tips

As we close out summer be sure to take the time to prepare your vehicle for fall and winter. The excessive driving you may have done over the summer may have taken a toll on your vehicle. If you want your vehicle to continue to perform and be a safe and reliable ride take these […]

How to Find a Great Auto Repair Shop

If your automobile is giving you signs of trouble you’re likely scouring the web to find a mechanic you can trust with your vehicle. There are few things to look for as you conduct your search that will help make you sure you’ve found a great shop. Your vehicle is a major investment, so be […]

4 Signs of a Cooling System Leak

Vehicle engines operate at extremely high temperatures which is why a cooling system is necessary in order to keep them from overheating and failing. Traditional cooling systems include a radiator and a system of hoses in which cooling fluid, called coolant or antifreeze, circulates through the engine. If the system springs a leak it puts […]

Is My Alternator Going Bad?

The alternator is a very important part of your vehicle’s operation. When the vehicle is running it is producing electricity that powers many of the various systems in your car. Extra electricity it produces is than stored in the battery to help get the car started the next time you need to go somewhere. If […]

5 Common Signs of Transmission Failure

There are many systems that work together in order to move your vehicle. One of the most intricate of them is the transmission. The transmission helps controls the distribution of the power created by the engine to the wheels. If the transmission fails you may not be able to get any of the horsepower from […]

What is Leaking From My Car?

Cars and trucks rely heavily on multiple fluids in order to properly operate their numerous systems. The hydraulic mechanisms of your vehicle allow it to run, drive and stop safely and reliably. These fluids are vital to the operation of your vehicle, so anytime you think your vehicle may have a leak be sure to […]

How Important is Tire Pressure?

The tires on your vehicle have an extremely important task. They are designed to help you grip the road for proper acceleration, maneuvering and braking. Tires are engineered to provide your vehicle with the necessary traction to get you where you want to be in a safe manner. Balding or otherwise worn out tires create […]

3 Reasons Oil Changes are 100% Necessary

There are many lessons that get drilled into the heads of children; respect your elders, open doors for your lady and change your oil every 3,000 miles, to name a few. That last one is less of a mannerism and more of a necessity for your vehicle. Oil is the lifeblood of every car and […]

Why do Vehicles have Computers?

These days it takes a lot more than just wrenches and screwdrivers to fix vehicle problems. Modern cars and trucks are full of computers designed to complete various tasks and monitor conditions in order to keep your vehicle running well and in optimal condition. Even the most basic cars that roll off of the assembly […]

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